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Antony's Story

Antony is a very fit husband and father with a professional background in general and travel management, specialising in travel for clients in the Asian region.

While working in rural Japan during a cross-cultural exchange program, Antony experienced visual issues and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after many weeks of investigation. Antony was in shock and feeling total disbelief that such a serious illness could have entered his life at just 30 years old. Antony moved back to Australia and was determined to not let MS get in the way of getting on with his life - Antony has maintained that attitude ever since.

In the seventeen years since his diagnosis, he has continued to attempt things which could be almost impossible. Antony has travelled extensively, worked in travel in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. He has travelled to all corners of Indochina and seen and experienced many amazing sights.

As an MS Ambassador, Antony shares his wealth of health and life experience with his audiences, and his healthy outlook and perspective.

Every ticket sold in the MS Dream Car Lottery makes a difference to thousands of Australians living with MS, like Antony. Thank you for your wonderful support.