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Nissa's Story

"Living with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has been the biggest challenge of my life”, is how Nissa Lee describes her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis a decade ago.

Following a degree in Social Ecology, Nissa Lee enjoyed a career working with vulnerable youth on community garden projects and healthy eating initiatives in Mt Druitt, NSW. She also travelled the breadth of Australia.

Sudden neurological symptoms including difficulty walking, loss of balance, fatigue and pins and needles throughout her body led to a visit to the emergency department and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at the age of twenty-four. With the support of her family, friends and community, Nissa focused on providing her body with the nutrition, rest and the movement that it needed to recover. Although her future felt quite bleak at times, Nissa continued her training in the martial art of Aikido, which assisted her to regain her strength and balance. Nissa was also awarded a MS “Go For Gold Scholarship” which enabled her to complete an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy.

Nissa Lee now shares her story as an MS Ambassador and volunteer with her local Newcastle community when she can and talks on how her diagnosis has made her stronger, wiser and a more compassionate person who is daring to hold onto hope.

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