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Deanna's Story

"MS became part of my life in early 2007 when I was seventeen years old. I experienced blurred vision and received an official diagnosis within a month. Initially, I was shocked. No one could tell me what my future would look like.

I was advised to defer my final year of high school. However, I was very stubborn and wanted to graduate with my classmates. Despite having more sick days than I was in attendance, I graduated at the end of 2007. Being a high achieving student, I was disappointed I did not achieve the exam results I was expecting. Over the next two years I learned to better manage my MS symptoms which included fatigue, pain, balance, sensory and visual issues, anxiety and depression.

I commenced tertiary study in 2010 and completed a Bachelor of Psychology in 2013. To celebrate this achievement, I took a month-long backpacking trip through South East Asia. Which while challenging was very rewarding.

I soon realised MS will not stop me from achieving my goals. In 2015 I commenced a Master of Science in Medicine and graduated at the top of my class. I am currently pursuing further tertiary studies.

Today, I continue to improve my wellbeing through regular exercise, diet and mental health maintenance. I am currently a MS Ambassador sharing my journey within my local area. I am looking forward to educating audiences about the challenges of living with an invisible illness."

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